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Institute of Educational Administration and Evaluation

Core Abilities

Core Abilities
Doctoral Degree:
1. To enhance one’s academic ethics and character.
2.To prepare high-level academicians with abilities of critical thinking and creativity, and to prepare practitioners who have the abilities to integrate theory with practice.
3. To have life-long learning abilities and to be  able to coordinate multi-disciplinary work.
4. To improve educational quality and academic creativity in research design.
5. To promote one’s perspectives in globalization.
Master Degree:
1. To serve society with quality and professional ethics.
2. To work and communicate with individuals and groups.
3. To have professional competence in educational and related fields.
4. To combine independent research with practical applications.
5. To plan and fulfill one’s career development.
Master Degree for in-service Adults:
1. To serve society professionally with client-based orientation.
2. To cooperate and interact with people.
3. To be creative in aligning education with related fields.
4. To solve practical problems by doing action research. 
5. To develop and implement one’s career plan.