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Our Faculty


Sophia Shi-Huei Ho                   

1 Title Professor and Director
Degree Ph.D.,George Washington University                                                                                          






Higher Education

Institutional Research

Institutional Governance

Student Learning Outcome

Comparative education

Ext. 8434(Research Room)、8431
E-Mail shihuei@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=000180


Ching-Shan Wu

1 Title Professor
Degree Ph. D., National Chengchi University                                                                                           





Educational Administration

School Effectiveness

Education Quality Management

Education Law

Ext. 8941
E-Mail shan@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=075002


Chun-Rong Liu

1 Title Emeritus Professor
Degree Ph.D., National Chengchi University






Educational Administration

School Administration

School Organizational Change

Educational Evaluation

Educational Organizational Behavior

Ext. 8942
E-Mail herbert@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=075003


Yi-Ku Ting

1 Title Professor and Dean, College of Education
Degree Ph. D., Taipei Municipal University of Education





Education Administration

School Administration

Teacher Evaluation

Instruction Supervision

Ext. 8939(Research room)、8301(Office)                                                                                             
E-Mail tim@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=097403


Chiu-I Sung

1 Title Professor
Degree Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor







Higher Education

Educational Finance

Educational Administration

Fundraising and Development

Organizational Behavior and Management

Business administration

Ext. 4940
E-Mail dr.csung@gmail.com
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=095033


Hsu-Chun Huang

1 Title Associate Professor
Degree Ph. D., National Taiwan Normal University                                                                                     






School Administration

Curriculum Leadership

Knowledge Management in Education

Principal Preparation and Professional Development

Curriculum Evaluation and Educational Evaluation

Ext. 8942
E-Mail calis@go.utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=092036


Chiou Shih-Ming

1 Title Professor
Degree Ph. D., National Taiwan Normal University 






educational practicum

School Administration

Classroom Management

Teaching Technology

Basic Theory of Education

Ext. 4932
E-Mail csm@esut.tp.edu.tw
Profile http://ed.utaipei.edu.tw/academic/teacher.asp?id=csm&selpg=cv


Tzu-Ling Hsieh

1 Title Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madson, USA                                                                                   






Educational Policy Analysis

Educational Planning

Education Statistics

Student Affairs in High Education

Education Law

Ext. 4907
E-Mail thsieh@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=103011


Yi-Tzu Chiu

1 Title Administrative Assistant                                                                                                                       
Degree Bachelor of AccountingFu Jen Catholic University
Ext. 8433
E-Mail adeva@utaipei.edu.tw
Profile http://ced.utaipei.edu.tw/teacher/info?id=096004